About us

A family run approach to continuing the tradition of hand-crafted furniture and joinery


Founded in 2001 in a small village on the edge of the Cotswold Hills, with a shed and a dream of producing quality craftsmanship from solid wood using traditional hand skills. We have worked hard and invested in the business over the years so today we can offer variety, uniqueness and knowledge while never losing the dream.

Bespoke Workshop

Completed in 2018 our unique workshop has allowed us to deliver a greater range of commissions.

Luke and Vanessa

We offer a relaxed and friendly attitude to designing and delivering unique projects for our clients. Both coming from an art-based training in the fields of Fine Art, Sculpture, Jewelling and Silversmithing we bring together these elements to deliver a unique approach to your requirements.

Whatever the size and complexity of the project we always welcome a challenge.

It is important to us that each client is thrilled with their finished commission, as it will last a lifetime.

We design and make quality handmade furniture and joinery specific to you